WORLD BOOK DAY on Thursday 4 March 2021

01 Mar 2021


World Book Day is being held on March 4th this year. It is an annual charity event. As a school we are planning to spend our final week of online learning by celebrating our love of reading. For the zoom sessions on Thursday, it would be wonderful if your child dressed up as their favourite character. They do not need to fully dress up, they could even add an accessory to represent their favourite book character- for example wearing fox ears for Fantastic Mr Fox.

Each teacher will celebrate the day with a selection of fun and engaging ideas.  The website has a range of activities that you may want to complete with your child.

Reading Challenges-
Each year group will be given reading challenges. Children can upload photographs of themselves completing all or some of the reading challenges. They are fun and easy to do, for example read a book in a den you made.

Book vouchers-
This year the book vouchers are digital. They cannot be used online but can be used in supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s.

Here are a few of our favourite ways you could celebrate World Book Day at home-

Book Path
Carpet the floor wall to wall in books or make a line of books into a path that leads throughout the house. Take photographs of your book carpet.

Be a librarian- find a way to organise your books e.g. by colour, alphabetically, fiction and non-fiction.

Recite a passage from your favourite book- send a recording of your recital to your teacher.
Write a letter to your favourite author- they usually write back and might even send you some goodies!

Create a freeze-frame of a famous scene from a book- take a picture, we’ll try to guess what it is.
Download story maker or a comic strip maker and publish your own book.
Make an acrostic poem based on the title of your favourite book
Design board game on a book

Learn to draw with illustrator with Rob Biddulph
Master class ideas- authors speak and there is a variety of activities linked to their videos.
 Listen to some bedtime stories
Children can create their own story using story starters created at random.


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