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08 Sep 2021








Wellbeing Wednesday - Welcome Back!

08 Sep 2021


Hello and Welcome Back!

We are so thrilled to have everyone back at school and hope that everyone is feeling more settled now we are in Week 2. Children and staff are back in the swing of things with new classes, new children and new routines. We appreciate that there is a lot of change for children and want to reassure that we are supporting everyone through these transitions. 

Change can be challenging, it can be uncertain and make us feel uncomfortable, but the positive consequence can be amazing. We want to support children from an early age to be equipped to deal with change so that they can adapt, experience, learn and grow!

 4 reasons change is good for you:

1. You are pushed out of your comfort zone

Outside of your comfort zone, your assumptions are challenged. Your opinions, mindset and belief system are tested and you must find new ways to articulate who you are and what you believe.

2. You get to experience MORE

Change is good because you have the opportunity to embrace new experiences. New perspectives are waiting for us - when you look back, all the really amazing things are because of a new experience you have had - starting school, trying a new sport or activity.

3.  Makes you more flexible and adaptable

Change makes you more flexible and adaptable - these are important life skills that stay with us so that we can face the next uncomfortable situation. We can begin to thrive in new situations because we have proven to ourselves that we can not only handle change but we can flourish.

4. You can have more fun

When we are open to change, we are open to saying YES more. You are open to more experiences and opportunities - new friends and new interests and lots of FUN.

A child's sense of self does not stem from an intrinsic source – often it is derived from the opinions of those around them. If we expect success from them, even in difficult tasks, and support them to achieve it, this will influence their sense of self. They will come to believe that they are someone who achieves, who can cope with difficulties and who is a success. Multiple researchers have identified that “victory over hardship heightens a sense of self-concept rather than challenging the ability to cope" (
Zolkoski, S, and Bullock, L (2012). Resilience in children and youth: A review)

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine.

Please get in touch if I can help or support in any way.

Best wishes,
Emma Getty
Deputy Head with responsibility for Language Learning, Safeguarding and Pastoral Care


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