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Wellbeing Wednesday - Universal Children's Day 2021

17 Nov 2021

 Wellbeing Wednesday 
Universal Children's Day
20th November 2021

Universal Children's Day is celebrated annually on 20th November. Its goal is to improve child welfare worldwide, promote and celebrate children's rights and promote togetherness and awareness amongst children.

Initially launched in 1954, Universal Children's Day has seen some milestone events in the field of child welfare. Marking the anniversary of the dates when the UN General Assembly adopted both the declaration and convention of children's rights.

The convention sets out a number of children's rights such as the right to play, health and education. In 1989, world leaders came together and made a historic commitment to the world's children. They made a promise to every child to protect and fulfil their rights. They did this by adopting an international legal framework - the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

The Convention says that childhood is separate from adulthood and lasts until 18; it is special protected time, in which children must be allowed to grow, learn, play, develop and flourish with dignity. 

How is Universal Children's Day Celebrated?

To celebrate Universal Children's Day a wide range of events take place worldwide in organisation as diverse as schools, charities, businesses and governments. It is described as "A fun day with a serious message" by the UN, when children get the opportunity to take over high profile roles in the media, politics and sports to raise awareness of challenges faced by children. On social media, these takeovers and other events are shared using the hashtag #worldchildrensday. Look out for anything over the weekend!
Universal Children's Day Facts
  • Instead of Children's Day, France celebrates Family Day on 6th January
  • Children's Day is a national holiday in Turkey and Argentina
  • Australia celebrates 'Children's Week'
There are 54 Children's Rights in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - here is the link for further reading -
Have a lovely weekend and Happy International Children's Day for Saturday!

Best wishes, 

Emma Getty
Deputy Head with responsibility for Language Learning, Safeguarding and Pastoral Care
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