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PAGE D'ECRITURE n°6 - Octobre 2021
24 Oct 2021  -  Pri: 10/11/2021
Quand le SKKF vient à l'école...
Evelyne Hagg
19 Oct 2021  -  Pri: 20/11/2021
Wellbeing Wednesday - Black History Month
19 Oct 2021  -  Pri: 30/11/2021
Gold Book - Gabriel
19 Oct 2021  -  Pri: 30/11/2021
Wellbeing Wednesday - Time Out & Time Together
13 Oct 2021
Wellbeing Wednesday - Speak Out Stay Safe
06 Oct 2021  -  Pri: 31/10/2021
Kai - Chess Champion!
01 Oct 2021  -  Pri: 30/10/2021
Gold Book - Lyzia
29 Sep 2021  -  Pri: 30/10/2021
Wellbeing Wednesday
29 Sep 2021
Le développement durable : ça s'apprend !
25 Sep 2021
Wellbeing Wednesday
22 Sep 2021
Wellbeing Wednesday
15 Sep 2021
10 Sep 2021
Wellbeing Wednesday - Welcome Back!
08 Sep 2021







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Wellbeing Wednesday

Kelly Gray, Safeguarding and Pastoral Deputy Head - 16 Mar 2021

Five Ways to Wellbeing: 

1) Try to connect.  Talk to someone new.  Have meaningful conversations and really listen.  Could you join a new club after lockdown?  Club Hub UK has the largest selection of kids clubs in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, London, UK area.

2) Get active  Find something you enjoy.  Exercising boosts our wellbeing hormones.  Have a blast with this fun family workout.

3) Pay attention.  Be curious.  Catch sight of the beautiful and unusual.  Savour the moment.  What do you notice when you look around.  Think about what really matters to you.  Click below for Mindfulness colouring sheets for children and grown ups to help in staying present:

4)  Keep learning new skills and information or rediscover an old interest.  Set a challenge you'll enjoy achieving to boost your self-esteem.  Click here for twelve 30 day challenges:

5)  Give.  Small acts of kindness make us feel better.  Do something nice for a friend or a stranger.  Thank someone.  Smile.    


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