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Wellbeing Wednesday - How educational visits can boost children’s wellbeing

29 Mar 2023

Do not underestimate the potential of educational visits to boost communication skills, support self-esteem and promote positive emotional health.

Some trips will be all about engaging young people with a topic in a different setting or medium than they are used to, using the immersive quality to move their learning forward. But a school trip may have nothing to do with the acquisition of knowledge at all, and could instead be about nurturing the development of interpersonal skills by pushing children out of their comfort zones and helping them to explore ways of taking age-appropriate risks, building connections with peers, and teachers.

Many studies show that the change in dynamic can boost self-esteem in children and spark conversation – and who can argue with the old saying that the fresh air will do you good? (I think that one goes for the teachers too!).

At Ecole Jacques Prévert this week, the CE1 pupils are on a 5-day residential trip in Surrey where they focus on individual challenge, team building and empathy for others. The children learn how to use supportive language to encourage everyone whilst sharing responsibility for each other's safety during thrilling outdoor activities. Our CM1 and CM2 pupils are experiencing a 3-day residential excursion in Wiltshire packed with challenging and exhilarating activities to help them hone their communication, leadership and teamwork skills.

Those exciting trips will certainly lead to children developing a lifelong interest, and at the very least it will be a new experience that gets their heart pumping!

We look forward to seeing them all after the Easter break and hearing about their memorable adventures.

Best wishes,
Mrs Weber

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