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Wellbeing Wednesday - The Transformative Power of Learning Beyond the Classroom

06 Mar 2024

Education is a dynamic process that extends far beyond the walls of a classroom. While traditional classroom learning is undoubtedly valuable, the importance of experiential education through visits, school trips, and theatre excursions cannot be overstated. These real-world experiences play a crucial role in fostering the development of a growth mindset, critical thinking skills, and overall wellbeing in children.

Cultivating Growth Mindset

One of the key benefits of learning outside the classroom is the cultivation of a growth mindset in children. Unlike a fixed mindset that views abilities as innate and unchangeable, a growth mindset thrives on challenges, sees effort as the path to mastery, and embraces learning as a lifelong journey.
Over the course of this term at Ecole Jacques Prévert, numerous enriching trips have taken place. CE2 students delved into Roald Dahl's universe, visiting his museum to enhance their understanding of the author's works studied in English lessons. Additionally, their trip to Verulamium has further expanded their horizons, offering them insights into Roman history and civilisation. These experiences expose children to a diverse range of challenges, encouraging them to explore unfamiliar territories. By facing new situations and learning from them, children develop a belief in their ability to learn and grow, laying the foundation for success both inside and outside the classroom.

Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills

Educational excursions, such as the whole school attending the Alice in Wonderland theatre show as well as the Terre Baugeoise performance, provide a unique environment for the development of critical thinking skills. The theatre visit demands active engagement and interpretation, stimulating cognitive processes that go beyond memorisation. Watching a play or a show involves deciphering complex narratives, understanding character motivations, and appreciating the nuances of dialogue and music – all of which contribute to the honing of critical thinking skills and creativity.
In addition, CP students embarked on a 3 day-residential trip, providing them with real-world problems that required creative and analytical thinking. CM2 pupils, with their visit to the Imperial War Museum, will engage with historical artifacts, further enhancing their understanding of the past. CE2 students, having explored Verulamium, also contribute to the development of their critical thinking skills as they unravel the mysteries of ancient civilisations.
Finally, the CE1 pupils will spend 4 days on an active residential trip before the Easter holiday, which will undoubtedly be a memorable and successful experience for pupils and teachers alike.
Promoting Overall Wellbeing

The impact of learning outside the classroom extends beyond academic and cognitive development; it also plays a vital role in promoting the overall wellbeing of children. For example, CM2 pupils, through their visit to the war museum, will gain insights into historical events, fostering a sense of connection with the past and an appreciation for the importance of peace.
These experiences contribute to the holistic development of a child by fostering a sense of joy, curiosity, and excitement for learning. The physical activity involved in school trips, combined with exposure to nature, enhances mental health and reduces stress levels. Social interactions during these experiences encourage the development of interpersonal skills, empathy, and a sense of belonging – essential components of emotional wellbeing.

We are looking forward to organising more trips and outings in the summer term too, as the CM1 and CM2 will attend their residential trip in May and so will the MS and GS end of June. 

Best wishes, 
Mrs Weber

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